Halloween Meets Fashion

I love a good collab. But my favorite version of worlds colliding is probably Halloween/spooky/scary stuff and the high fashion world. I’m talking those gorgeous, meticulously constructed pieces of art that designers have formed, and haunting masterpieces of photoshoots that stylists and photographers have dreamed up. It’s mesmerizing and makes me feel like a child again — as if anything goes, like coloring outside the lines and making skeleton dresses by hand. Here are a few of my favorite examples of dark fashion:


Alexander McQueen (Was and always will be the king of dark fashion, in my opinion).







Iris Van Herpen (A young Dutch designer making major waves in the fashion world):





Nika Danielska (A Polish alternative fashion designer who, though lesser known, creates powerful art none-the-less):





And finally, I leave you with this Harper’s Bazaar shoot that was done in honor of Tim Burton:

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