Kylie Cosmetics Naughty and Nice Eyeshadow Palettes Review

Kylie Cosmetics Naughty and Nice eyeshadow palettes review

While awaiting anxiously the arrival of my Kylie Cosmetics Naughty and Nice eyeshadow palettes, I decided to look up some YouTube reviews by famous beauty blogging stars, and was surprised by what I found.

Not only were these Youtubers giving bad reviews for the palettes, but they were doing so with such vehement hatred that I thought the palettes must really be some kind of uniquely hellish garbage.

Kylie Cosmetics Naughty and Nice eyeshadow palettes review

But once I finally got into these palettes myself I became truly baffled. See, these palettes were not only far from trash, they were actually really good. I mean really, really good.

Look, I’m no master makeup guru, but I love good makeup and use it often. In fact my favorite kind of makeup is eye makeup, so eyeshadow is especially important to me.

What I found was that these eyeshadows are not only gorgeous, they are fabulously pigmented and very long lasting. I did a more complicated eye look that first day I used them and that shadow stayed put all day.

Kylie Cosmetics Naughty and Nice eyeshadow palettes review

I liked these palettes so much that they are now my favorite that I own. I have one palette from the Balm, one from Kat Von D, and two from Urban Decay, and seriously, the Kylie Cosmetics Naughty and Nice palettes have surpassed all of them in my book.

My palette from the Balm gets a lot of fall out, and the Kat Von D shadows just aren’t that pigmented. And while I’ll always be an Urban Decay fan, those shadows have a tendency to wear off after just a couple of hours.

Kylie Cosmetics Naughty and Nice eyeshadow palettes review

I am a passionate believer in free speech, so I am all kinds of supportive of people out there sharing their distaste for these Kylie Cosmetics Naughty and Nice palettes. But what surprised me about their reviews regarding them, were their attitudes. The hatefulness and revulsion were over the top in my opinion. I’ve seen these same people give negative reviews before of which have always been honest but respectful. These Kylie reviews however, were not respectful at all.

You’d think Kylie Jenner herself had driven to these Youtubers’ houses and taken a steaming crap upon their front lawns, they were so ridiculously offended.

Kylie Cosmetics Naughty and Nice eyeshadow palettes review

Look. Regardless of what you feel towards the Kardashians and Jenners, the issue is this: they are still human beings. And in my book human beings should be treated with genuine kindness and respect. If we excuse treating famous strangers with disdain over something as small as makeup, how the hell can we ever say of ourselves that we are actually trying to make this world a better place?

Being loving and kind to this world requires being loving and kind period. Not on the sole stipulation of liking a person, or further, liking their products. If we can’t accept the sacrifice it takes to be a force of love in this world then we should at least be honest about it and stop pretending we are trying at all.

Kylie Cosmetics Naughty and Nice eyeshadow palettes review

But I hope we do try. Heck, I’m so guilty of not being true to this idea myself. We all are. But good grief, again, let’s at least try, yes?

And let us also remember this: it’s just makeup.

    1. Thanks so much, Gwen! You always are such an encouragement! Let me know if you end up trying them and liking them! 🙂

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