So Icy Illuminator by Beauty Bakerie

Sometimes having very fair skin can make you feel a little limited in the makeup department. It seems there Jane a whole lot of wiggle room in terms of blushes, contouring, highlighters and illuminators. It’s far too easy to go so dark or so bright that you can look like a real life circus clown within seconds of applying the wrong color.

When I was looking at purchasing one of Beauty Bakerie’s illuminators I instinctively moused over the lightest color they had. But something in me spoke up in protest, and before I knew it I had purchased a warmer tone called “frosted,” instead of the obvious fair
skinned choice, “iced.”

Usually this would have turned out to be quite the mistake, but this time it was different. Behold, subtly warmed cheeks that glisten just the perfect amount! I finally felt a little loosed and smugly happy that fair skin tones don’t have to give up freedom of choice!

I’m pretty convinced this color will look marvelous on any skin tone, but Beauty Bakerie has a whole host of colors just waiting to complement your cheeks.

Have you tried this product or anything else from Beauty Bakerie? If so, what do you recommend?

  • Cute Factor
  • Staying Power
  • Color
The Good

Lasts for a while as a little goes a long way

The Bad

A little pricey, but worth the cost in my opinion

Indie Company makes it a cool up-and-comer

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