Tunnel of Love Soap

Tunnel of Love Soap

When you use a Lush product and its scent actually stays on your skin long after the bath, you know you’ve found a real winner. And that is the case with this Tunnel of Love soap.

It was a soap bar and a massage bar that originally got me hooked on Lush, so I’m super partial to their soaps. They pack a punch and are such an experience, and this one lives up to the rest for sure. In my opinion it smells like bubblegum, which to me is super fun, but it’s technically supposed to smell fruity.

Tunnel of Love Soap
The only thing I was disappointed in was this white colored heart part. It is so less impressive-looking than the one on the website lol.

No matter what you think it smells like, this stuff won’t let you down. And goodness, who doesn’t need soap? It’s so practical! For $8.95 it will give you your money’s worth in my opinion (granted I’m not sure how long it will last yet).

I’ve had so much fun trying these special edition Lush Valentine’s products! Let me know if you’ve enjoyed these reviews? Would you like to see fewer Lush reviews? More Lush reviews? Do you like seeing my videos of me using them on my Instagram? Let me know!

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