Stitch Fix Review December 2017

The best job I ever had was working as a Stitch Fix stylist. It was fun, creative, flexible and had an amazing culture. I really felt like I mattered, even though I was just one of many stylists. And the relationships I built with some of the women there (Hey, Lindsey, Ashley, Erin and Tiffany!) genuinely made my life better. To top it all off, I had some incredible clients with whom I had formed a sort of pen-pal friendship. Needless to say it was a job I’ll never forget.

Why did I quit? Well, because of my Endometriosis, actually. While I had managed before my surgery this year, post surgery was surprisingly super rough. I’d be in intense pain for days on end and was having a harder and harder time meeting my deadlines. The docs had no way of knowing whether my pain would improve. But they feared it might only get worse from there. So, with a heavy heart I walked away from the job I loved.

It sucked. I cried, a lot. But something that I did take away was that life is short and should be lived to the fullest. Which is the very thing that drove me to start pouring my heart, soul, and fullest efforts into this blog. I knew I couldn’t quit and do nothing with my time, which would drive me into a full on depression. So I promised myself I’d finally make this blog I had been dreaming of happen for real.

To say it’s been a joy would be a vast understatement. It has been one of the only things to keep me afloat since my diagnoses. I think about it right when I wake up in the morning. And with every day that passes I only get more passionate about it. It’s a major blessing too in regards to me having some serious flexibility. If I’m having a particularly bad endo flare up I can just take it easy for a couple days, or work slowly in bed.

But as happy as I am with my new blogging journey, I’ll always look back on my days at Stitch Fix with a full heart.

As a stylist there I used to style myself, but now I can finally have the true client experience by getting styled by a total stranger,  which I must say, has excited me more than a little.

I went ahead and signed up, got my first Fix and holy cow, it was good. My stylist listened to everything I said and really put a lot of thought into each piece.

Without further ado, here’s my Fix:

I told my stylist I like trendy pieces, and love neutrals for versatility’s sake. I also mentioned that I have a bajillion skinny jeans so was interested in a different denim.

First, she sent me this lace up sweater by Rails. It’s ridiculously soft and so adorable with jeans or even a skirt. I already wore it to one holiday party and will probably wear it to another before this season is over!

Second she sent this Cupcakes and Cashmere sweater. The fringe was a tiny bit more boho than I usually lean toward, but gosh it was cute and makes a great statement piece so I was hooked. I also love this sweater being a fashion blogger’s brand. Gotta support the fashion blogging community!!! 😉

The third item she sent was this Noisy May corduroy faux shearling jacket. This one was such a pleasant surprise! I’m truly obsessed with it. I love 70s fashion and this one gave me all the 70s feels.

Fourth was this pair of McGuire jeans. Not only are they freaking comfortable, but right up my alley as they’re a trendier option. Plus I’m a sucker for good quality denim.

Last was this handmade metal clutch/bag by From St. Xavier. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the inner lining is velvet. WUT.

Of course I had to keep all 5 pieces but each one was absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to keep getting Fixes! I had no idea this was so fun!

Have you checked out Stitch Fix? If so, what do you think?

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