Last Week in Harajuku: The Boldness of the Youth

Oh, young people. They really can be wonderful to be around, no? I mean of course they are all a pain in the ass at one time or another, but man! Their boldness, their ideas, their hopes, their vision — it reminds us of when we were their age. When we had those brave ideas and when we acted more quickly and when we worried less.

This group of teenagers make me think of all this. Are they worried about the stock market? Probably not. Are they embarrassed that the old, crotchety, judgy folk might be looking down on them? My guess is no.

I hope someone tells this eyeliner-wearing kid to keep being himself, and that growing up doesn’t have to mean selling out your point of view. It means honing it. And I hope these kids never take fashion too seriously. That they never feel the need to become snobs about it, or feel concerned that they won’t be perfect in it. I hope they just wear whatever it is they like to wear — whatever it is that their beautiful minds inspire.

And no matter how old you are right now, you too can live this way? Why not?

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