Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar by Lush

Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar

I have to confess that when I first ordered this Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar, I hadn’t really fully read the description. All I saw were the words “Snow Fairy,” (aka one of my favorite Lush scents of all time) and it had no sooner been added to my cart.

So when I got it in the mail and read the order description neatly folded atop the contents I was totally confounded as to what I had actually purchased. I looked it up on the Lush website and read how to use the darn thing, and afterwards was immediately filled with what they call buyer’s regret.

But what “they” and I didn’t keep in mind was just how rarely Lush fails me.

Though the description for how to use this product seemed a little complicated, I learned quickly it was actually quite simple. You basically use anything at all remotely pointy that you might find in your own house and poke holes into those two little dots on the front of the star, resembling the stars in the Ninendo Mario games.

Snow Fairy Sparkle Jar

Then, you tilt the thing over gently and this powdery shimmer smelling of Snow Fairy (which by the way, is one of their limited, seasonal scents) pours out. Shimmer up your shoulders, chest, cheeks, or to your husband’s vehement protesting, his cheeks, and voila! You’re ready for any Bowie-themed dance party. Or for a trip to the grocery store. Whatever floats your boat.

And when you run out of the shimmer powder there’s no reason to pout (say that five times fast). The star container or, “jar” itself is a shimmery, Snow Fairy-smelling massage bar. Though I’ll never be able to get Josiah to massage this onto my back (anything glittery is his sworn enemy), I’ll use it as a delicious moisturizing perfume for when I’m, feeling like dancing! Or a good afternoon nap.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my instagram stories to see me using it!

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