Last Week in Harajuku: Loose Fits and Peach Shadow

The thing about Harajuku style that is so important to the rest of the fashion world isn’t just that it’s so chock-full of creativity bursting at the seams, but that it remains on the bleeding edge of trend-setting. For instance, those dad-style sneakers starting to come out? Harajuku kids have been wearing those for months now. The platform shoes? Try years.

So, if you want to stay ahead of the curve fashion-wise, it would behove you to keep on eye out on Harajuku.

This last week I was fond of this look which exemplifies something that has been happening for a while in Harajuku: oversized suits (specifically loose-fitting or wide-leg pants), gothic vibes, and peach eyeshadow on and underneath the eyes.

Check out the shoppable look below inspired by this outfit. And try some of these trends on for fun as most likely, they will be making their way (some already have) into our part of the world.

For more Harajuku inspiration check out the source of these lovely photos at 

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