Konnichiwa! My name is Jess and I love adventures! I'm a Lover of all things fashion, film and beauty, and I’m totally obsessed with Bowie, Halloween and Japan. Welcome to my little corner of the interweb!

I’m Live Streaming!

Yes, you read that right. I’m live streaming. And yes, that is where I’ve been the last couple months — learning the ins and outs of it, and having a surprising amount…

Lush Body Butter

Lush Body Butter Review

Who knew Lush body butter would become one of my very favorite of their products??? I’ve tried all three of their standing body butter products and let me tell you, I’m sold.…

Turban Look

Turban Look

How do you like my turban look? I’m personally obsessed with it. I’ve never owned a turban but wow! Why don’t I wear them all the time? Talk about a fabulous save…

My backyard is beautiful

My Backyard is Beautiful

The other day I ventured into my backyard, camera in tow, and began exploring through the lens. My backyard is beautiful. There are creeping vines that grip and crawl about the place, great…

Spring 2018 Wardrobe

Behold: my spring 2018 wardrobe! From this lot I will be creating every outfit I wear day-to-day for the remainder of the spring. I know we are already halfway through this season,…

April Look

April Look

For this April look I was inspired by 80s pastels as well as oversized silhouettes that have been permeating Harajuku. I’ve been really falling in love with vintage clothing, and when I…

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