April Look

April Look

For this April look I was inspired by 80s pastels as well as oversized silhouettes that have been permeating Harajuku.

April Look

I’ve been really falling in love with vintage clothing, and when I found this vintage pastel dress from the 1980s I knew it was the perfect piece for this shoot. And then when I can across the oversized vintage Lee denim jacket, I knew it would be the perfect accompaniment to the dress.

April Look

I added the vintage reading glasses for some quirk, and the sandals because, well, they are so cute aren’t they?! Finally, Josiah helped me pick out the clutch purse. It’s a special piece by alice + olivia using the artwork of the late and truly great Jean-Michel Basquiat.

April Look

Here are the outfit details:

-Dress — vintage piece from the 1980s

-Denim jacket — vintage, era unknown

-Eyeglasses — vintage, era unknown

Sandals — Cole Haan

Clutch —  alice + olivia

April Look

Finally, some personal thoughts (because I just can’t help yakking away. Whoever thought it was a good idea to give me a blog is crazy! Didn’t they know I’m a chatterbox?!):

What Spring teaches me:

It’s ok to start over. Again and again.

Change is healthy.

It’s ok to stop and smell the roses. As long and as often as possible.

There is beauty in the world. Even amidst all the ugliness that exists, beauty can always be found.

Sunlight can do one a lot of good. The same goes for fresh air.

No matter how long a winter of the soul might last, there will always be a spring.

You’re still here. Despite all you’ve gone through, here you are.


April Outfit

Happy Spring, friends!


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