Stitch Fix Review January 2018

Stitch Fix Review January 2018

After last month’s Stitch Fix shipment success I couldn’t wait to receive this one. And I’m going to start off by saying Stitch Fix came through again.

My Stylist Paid Attention to Detail

My stylist, Michelle, was so kind and thoughtful in her note. She mentioned things she saw on my Pinterest and noted I wanted trendy stuff. She also listened when I said I didn’t want any skinny jeans (I am drowning in them).

What She Sent

First of all Michelle sent me these Franco Sarto leather star mules. I love mules like these and don’t have any black ones yet, so I’m all about these babies.

Second, she sent me two pairs of jeans. I love a good, high quality denim and these jeans fit the bill.

The first of the jeans were these Hudson jeans with the fun stripes on the sides. I love these so much. They were a tiny bit big, but praise the heavens, Stitch Fix had a smaller size I could exchange them for! They also price-matched them for me as I saw them online for cheaper. Yes, Stitch Fix will price match if the cheaper item is an exact match for what they sent you, and if the lower priced item was found and brought to their attention within 7 days of your shipment arriving (aka, no getting those prices matched after 3 weeks). But I mean, the fact that they do price matching at all makes me a very happy camper.

(Update: Stitch Fix notified me days later that they in fact did not have the smaller size available for exchange so I ended up having to find these jeans elsewhere)

Stitch Fix Review January 2018

The second of the jeans Michelle sent were these Paige slit hem jeans. I was IN LOVE the moment I saw these beauties. They were a tiny bit big too, and to my utter horror (yes, horror! Do you see how gorgeous these are?!) Stitch Fix doesn’t carry any smaller sizes in these particular jeans. BUT lo and behold I found them online in my correct size AND they were on sale. How lucky is that?

Stitch Fix Review January 2018

The fourth item Michelle sent was this Lavender Brown slip dress. I’ve been dying for a slip dress, but at first I was not entirely into this one. Though animal prints were popular on 2018 runways, I’ve never been much of a snakeskin print girl. But I love pushing my fashion boundaries and trying styles that are not within the realm of my usual fair. So I tried the dress on and my mind was immediately changed. I can’t wait to show it to y’all in an outfit next month. It’s so gorgeous.

Stitch Fix Review January 2018

The fifth and last item in the shipment was this LNA shoulder cutout sweatshirt. Ok, LNA is an amazingly comfy brand. Seriously go find this clothing and just touch it. Who cares if the sales people might ask you to leave? Touch the clothes until they do. It’s worth it.

Stitch Fix Review January 2018

However, as wonderfully soft as this sweatshirt is, I…don’t like shoulder cutouts. There! I said it! I’m sorry. I know this style is super well-loved right now. And that is awesome! I’m all for wearing whatever you love! I just don’t particular love this look for myself. I should have told Michelle this. Sorry, Michelle!

What I kept

I kept the Franco Sarto Mules because I’m obsessed with what I call “lazy cute” shoes (aka shoes that are easy to throw on before running out the door, and look adorable to boot).

I also kept the Hudson jeans because I love how of-the-moment they are, and of course the nail in the coffin is the fact that they carried the smaller size I needed AND price matched them for me.

I’m also keeping the snakeskin Lavender Brown slip dress, to my total surprise. Thank God for my husband. He saw the dress laying out and told me he thought it looked cool which was the very catalyst for me finally deciding to try it on. I’m so glad I did.

So, that means I’ll be sending back the LNA sweatshirt, along with the Paige jeans (which I would have bought if they had had that smaller size).

Final Verdict

While I’m bummed I’ll miss out on the highly desirable “Buy 5 Discount” (in which you get 25% off for keeping the whole thing), I still feel incredibly satisfied.

Since I was a Stitch Fix stylist myself, I know just how much effort is put into these Fixes and thus, will always remain grateful even if the stylist only finds me one perfect piece. It can be quite the challenge to style someone you’ve never met! Can you imagine that? Styling a total stranger — someone you couldn’t call up on the phone to ask a few questions? These stylists are incredible. They are flexible. They are creative. And they work their darn butts off.

So, thank you, Michelle! I can’t wait to get another Fix!

Want to try out Stitch Fix? Go here and sign up. If you use this link you’ll get your $20 styling fee free for your first Fix! Finally, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just love my ol’ place of employment, and love this service!


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