Johnny Depp + Phoebe Buffay Look

If Johnny Depp and Phoebe Buffay had a baby I think she’d wear this outfit. You’ve got the edginess that is so Johnny and the quirky feminine vibes that are so Phoebe. I mean what is not to love???

I’m pretty obsessed with 90s Johnny Depp style. I mean, the guy always looks cool in my opinion, but there was something about the air that floated around his person in the 90s that communicated such angst. I love the subtle rebel feel you get from him, but without any hatred. Sometimes a rebel attitude can become mean-spirited, but Johnny’s has, to me, always seemed so personal to him. As if his rebellion is less about others and more about himself. Like he’s trying to run from something inside, prove something, but couldn’t care less about what the world around him thinks.

Phoebe Buffay is well, first, a fictional character. But her persona is very similar to Johnny’s, if not more bright and light, in my humble opinion. Like Johnny, she also has this air of rebellion that seems to be very personal to her. But, her rebellion is less angst, less running from something, and more running towards creativity and freedom.

Combined they create one super cool free spirited, angsty artist. Do you like how I’m coming up with fake super heroes made up of celebrity and fictional character? I never said I wasn’t an oddball!

But in all seriousness, I’m super captivated by the pics of Johnny Depp in the 90s. Pictures cannot tell you anything outside of what is blatantly within the frame itself. But there is something about pictures of people that seem to give away more. After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul, right? At least that’s what I believe anyway. And though I know it’s pure speculation, Johnny’s eyes speak volumes to me. There is such depth there that moves me just looking at them. Who knows what is going on behind those eyes, but just the fact that there is something going on is beautiful in and of itself.

Back to the outfit (sheesh I’m jumping all over the place): This circa 1990s dress hails from the thrift store (recognize it?) and the fedora is a vintage Burberry piece that I found on Etsy for $58. The jewelry is a conglomerate of my many accumulations over years time. But the newest addition? A gorgeous Alex and Ani + David Lynch necklace featuring an eye that symbolizes Lynch’s foundation that promotes and educates people on meditation. It’s a pretty cool foundation. Check it out here. The sunglasses were a Target find from last year, and the adorable leather crossbody bag? An antique store find that was $22.

Is there any human photography out there that speaks to you? How about any peeps, real or not that you like to channel in your outfits?

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