Fabulous Ways to Give Back During the Holidays

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It’s always awesome to give back during the holidays. Well, it’s awesome to give back all the time, but whether your presents are neatly wrapped under the tree, or you’re anxiously awaiting those last gifts to show up from UPS (Which is totally what I’m doing right now), before we all close our pocketbooks for the season, I wanted to share some fabulous ways we can give back.

I know it gets expensive this time of year, but anything will help. And if you really feel tapped out financially remember there is always the gift of time!

While there is a plethora of amazing causes out there, I picked a few cool ones to share with you if you’re wanting a little help coming up with some ideas. Also please feel free to share some of your favorite ways of giving back. I’d love to hear them! I think us all spreading the word on these causes will always be a great help.

  1. Charity Water is an amazing organization that brings clean water to parts of the world that don’t have accessible clean water available to them. And with 663 million people without clean water in this world, it’s an incredible cause.

  2. Restore NYC is helping survivors of sex trafficking in NYC get their lives back. Sex trafficking is found all over the world, and these people are doing an amazing job of helping those victims in their own backyard. You can donate your own specified amount, or you can give their suggested amounts which go toward certain things like Metrocards, job placement, English classes and more.

  3. Wounded Warrior Project is doing incredible work by helping wounded U.S. veterans live full lives by offering free help with mental health, physical health, job counseling etc. Honoring these individuals who have given so much for us American citizens by not leaving them high and dry once they come home is an incredibly important cause indeed.

  4. Contact The Elderly is a beautiful organization that is hosting tea parties for lonely elderly in England, Scotland and Wales. These elderly people who live alone and rarely have any contact with the outside world have monthly tea parties hosted for them so that they can form relationships with fellow elderly and volunteers. I used to work in a nursing home, and I can say this kind of work is so underrated and so very important.

  5. World Vision is one of my favorites as it helps children in need across the globe with very tangible things. They have an online catalogue that allows you to literally gift anything from goats ($85 each) that provide milk and cheese, to wheelchairs for children with disabilities. The options are almost endless and the education you will get by perusing their gift catalogue is priceless. Thanks to orgs like this one we can get more in touch with what is going on in our world and how we can actually help.

  6. The Grey Muzzle Organization is all about helping senior dogs get a “second chance at a happy ending.” They support a whole host of non-profits across the U.S. that help senior dogs, by offering adoption assistance for senior dogs living in shelters, orthopedic dog beds for senior dogs living in shelters, hospice care for senior dogs, etc.

No matter how small you feel your gift is, it will never be small to the person receiving it. Your offering love, offering your hands, offering whatever you do have to offer is of great worth. You bring something precious to the table — you! May we all give of ourselves this year and always!

Love to you,


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