My I’m-Obsessed-With-These-Things-Gift-Guide

The number of gift guides I’ve perused in search of Christmas gift ideas for loved ones, is countless. And yet I have rarely come away from reading one that made me feel like I was getting any kind of inside scoop, if you know what I mean. Sure, that handbag is beautiful, yeah that candle seems like it would smell nice, and ok, I can bet those hand towels are perhaps buttery soft but how do I really know? That is why I’ve become obsessed with real behind-the-scenes product reviews. It’s why I watch hours of vloggers unboxing or giving reviews of products they’ve used. It’s why I dig through numerous Amazon reviews before buying products. And it’s why I ask all my friends where they’ve gotten something and for how much, every time I see something of theirs I like.

So here is my gift guide, from my home to you. I own every single one of these items and I’m truly and faithfully obsessed. I’m not being paid to share any of this. It’s just real life stuff that I’ve have come to love. And notice how this pic isn’t pretty and matchy-matchy? That’s because these products are genuinely all random obsessions of mine that unfortunately don’t all look cute together side-by-side. But that in no way devalues just how freaking superb each of them is!

  1. This robe is quite possibly one of the best purchases I’ve made. The house we rent has old, thin windows which make our home super drafty and frigid when it’s cold outside. Instead of cranking up the heat to astronomical heights, this robe has proven to be not only ridiculously warm, but soft as hell too.     Frosted Plus Robe by Nordstrom, $79

  2. I am really picky about pjs. They can’t be too scratchy, too thick, too tight, too loose, too hot etc. And somehow, some way these flannel pjs fit the bill. In fact, I’m so obsessed I’m considering buying more of them in different patterns. However, this dad plaid version gives me major 90s vibes that i’m loving.     Flannel Girlfriend Pajamas by Make + Model, $59

  3. This apple + Hermès watch is one of my favorite belongings hands down. It was a surprise gift from Josiah in light of the rough year I’ve had (How good a man is this guy?). Not only do I love that it’s paired with the world famous designer, but the watch itself is so perfectly integrated into my day to day (from taking phone calls and getting directions to reading texts and keeping track of my health). Also this band is particularly special as it pays homage to Hermès’ own famous print.     Apple Watch Hermès Stainless Steel Case with Marine Gala Leather Single Tour Eperon d’Or, $1,199

  4. Moroccanoil has changed my hair life. It moisturizes and heals my bleach-damaged tresses (though it’d do the same for unbleached hair too!) and smells like heaven. No joke, every time I put this stuff on I get people asking me what scent I’m wearing because they want to buy it for themselves.     Moroccanoil Original Treatment, $44

  5. You might recognize this product from the skincare review I did featuring it back in September. This scrub is something I use on a weekly basis. The smell is so incredible, it makes your skin so soft, and it’s so fun and unique. Perfect for any skincare loving friend of yours.     Tonymoly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream in Scrub, $17.50

  6. I have incredibly thick and frizzy hair and almost nothing labeled “de-frizz” actually helps. Except for this miracle spray. I found it by accident while I was in NYC this last October. The weather was hot and humid, rendering my hair a horrifying sight, which was bad news since I needed to do a shoot that day. I popped into Sephora, perused their anti-frizz products, and after testing this spray on my hair in-store I was literally sold. Needless to say I will forever keep this stuff on hand!     Laid-Back Defrizz And Anti-Static Spray by IGK, $29

  7. This Ofra (a top pick brand for countless beauty vloggers) shimmery shadow is my most used shadow bar none. It’s so versatile and is the most hypnotizing and versatile color. Plus it’s affordable and it lasts ages!     4 Gram Shimmer Eyeshadow in Bliss by Ofra, $12

  8. One of the best finds of my life is the cinema streaming service, Mubi. It has introduced me to countless foreign and indie films, allowing me to relish truly magnificent works that are so tragically under known. Plus it’s so affordable and the content changes on a daily basis that it is truly one of the best values of this list.     Mubi, $5.99/mo

  9. Have I mentioned I’m a bit of a geek? If you haven’t assumed that about me thus far, I’m letting you know now from the horse’s mouth that I very much am. When Nintendo came out with their latest game system, the Switch, I was skeptical. I had a Wii for years and found it fun, but wasn’t as big a fan overall. This system though, has blown me away. And to add to its greatness are a whole host of unbelievable and award-winning games that have come out for it. This makes for one of the funnest gifts out there!     Nintendo Switch, $299

  10. I’m an avid reader and this is one of the best two books that I consumed for all of 2017. I read this gem shortly after my endometriosis diagnoses which had left me in a very dark place. This book reminded me that I still have something to offer this world, that I still have a bright future, and that I can still make some of my dreams come true. It is funny, intelligent and a fast read that will truly change your life if you let it.    You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, $9.60

  11. This book is the second of the best books I read in 2017. While I tend to lean toward more novels, I happened upon this memoir, and I’ll forever be glad I did. Sarah Perry tells with unflinching courage her life story, as well as her mother’s, who was horrifically murdered at home one night while Sarah, a young child, was in her own bedroom. I was so deeply moved by Sarah’s story, as well as by her words, which are so exquisitely written, they will take your breath away.     After the Eclipse by Sarah Perry, $19.20

  12. This one is for my endometriosis sisters out there. As most of us can attest, this disease makes you best friends with your heating pad. And there is nothing like a high quality, dependable heating pad that you can rely on during those particularly bad flare ups. This heating pad (which has become an absolute necessity for me) uses infrared heat which is a much deeper reaching heat (goes beyond the surface into deep muscle tissue), loved and praised by chronic pain sufferers. It might not be a flashy gift, but trust me, it will bless the socks off your endo warrior mother, sister, girlfriend, friend, wife, etc.     Therasage Infrared Heating Pad, $185

  13. Who else is freaking thrilled that Chip and Joanna Gaines are selling home decor via Target? While their whole collection is gorgeous, I grabbed this candle in Balsam and Spice and loved it so much I used it up in two weeks. All day every day I had it burning, so let me say it actually lasted for a shocking amount of hours. Plus the galvanized container it’s in is so cool you can use it for other purposes once you’ve used up the candle.     Hearth & Hand Balsam & Spice Galvanized Container Candle, $19.99


Have any obsessions you think the world should know about? Share them in the comments below!

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