Tonymoly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub

If you’ve picked up on anything about my particular beauty product affinity, it’s most accurately described as anything that kicks butt in the effectiveness category while also looking pretty friggin cute.

That is what I’d say this little product here does indubitably. We’ve all used facial scrubs before, but this one stands out particularly as being a more gentle option. For instance your face won’t feel like you just took sandpaper to it and left it feeling like a slab of rubber. Instead you’ll feel a still smoothness to your skin and a lack of irritation.

Part of the fun about this latte scrub is that it starts out the exact color of espresso and once massaged onto your face turns a creamy white. Hence the cappuccino cream.

The smell is also truly wonderful and has actually caused a change in my usual beauty routine. Whereas I usually prefer using my masks and scrubs at night, I’ve taken to using this one a couple times per week in the mornings. The coffee smell gets my senses up and at ’em and my skin looking smooth and soft.

Tip: Before applying, cleanse face, then thoroughly dry skin before using this scrub for best effect.

  • Cute Factor
  • Effectiveness
  • Affordability
The Good

Smell is DIVINE

Last a long time

Gentle on skin (especially for a facial scrub)

The Bad
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