Lush Body Butter Review

Lush Body Butter

Who knew Lush body butter would become one of my very favorite of their products??? I’ve tried all three of their standing body butter products and let me tell you, I’m sold.


My life has been pretty hectic lately. And one thing I am terrible about is taking care of myself amidst the crazy. I have this tendency to make sure all the other extraneous things are done before I even think to eat healthy, get sleep, meditate, make that doctor appointment and so on.

I want so much to take out all the extraneous, because honestly I really don’t love being busy to the point of not having any time to myself. But what’s a girl to do when the busyness is unavoidable? There are things in life you can’t put off or wait on or ask to reschedule. It just is what it is and you do what you’ve gotta do.

So, suffice it to say Lush body butter has been hilariously relevant for my current lifestyle, as its magic is its multitasking capabilities. It’s intended to be used in-shower, giving you one less thing to do once you hop out. And while this might sound less than revolutionary, when you cut corners as much as I do during busy seasons, that one less step can really make a difference.

In fact, usually during hectic times I don’t even moisturize my poor bod. I do bare minimum stuff only.

Face care? Check. Teeth brushed? Check. Ok done. Let’s roll.

But adding in the suppleness of this body butter to my showers has been amazing. I feel so much more cared for and pampered by the time I step out that I think it’s made me feel just the tiniest bit more in control of my life. And just the tiniest bit more conscientious of making self care a priority.

Buffy body butter: 

Aside from its fabulous name (I’m a die-hard Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan) this bar is chock-full of ground almonds, rice and beans to add in some serious exfoliating power. I was worried it would be too rough on my skin, but I was wrong. It’s actually really wonderful giving yourself a good scratch on all that dull skin. I felt like I had just gotten a spa treatment after use, not to mention the dual moisturizing factor of the cocoa and shea butters. If you need a good multi-tasker this one takes the cake. A word of caution however: don’t use this bar daily. It’s so good at doing its exfoliating job that going back-to-back with it gets…painful. I tried it. Trust me. My skin felt a little (a lottle) raw. But a few times a week? You betcha! Also I bought the bigger bar (they have two sizes) which I thought to be pretty darn pricey. It is considerably bigger than the other two body butters, but depending on how long it lasts will determine whether it’s worth the cost or not.

Scrubee Body Butter:

Just when I thought the Buffy butter couldn’t be beat, I found this Scrubee butter to be a formidable opponent. While the Buffy is all it’s cracked up to be, the Scrubee brings something to the table that’s in my opinion, irresistible: scent. Now the Buffy smells great, but the Scrubee smells like white chocolate. And it smells so much so like white chocolate, I swear your whole bod smells like a freaking Ghirardelli truffle when you’re done. It too has some good exfoliating power, though I will say there’s a touch less of the exfoliant (ground almonds and coconut shell) in it. And because of this I can’t really say I prefer one of the butters over the other. I like using the Buffy for a good overall exfoliant, and using the Scrubee when I could use exfoliating but am really wanting to smell like something straight from the Candy Kingdom.

King of Skin Body Butter

King of Skin Body Butter:

Now it might seem excessive to add this body butter to your arsenal if you already are considering snatching up one or both of the above products, but trust me, this King of Skin is totally practical all on its own. Though it has zero exfoliants, it makes for an amazing body moisturizer making it the most used of the butters in my shower. And not that the other two don’t moisturize as well (I mean, they’re “body butters”), but as stated above, you don’t necessarily want to be exfoliating every day. But keeping that skin soft and supple? Hell yes. The scent on this baby, in my opinion, is that of your standard shea/cocoa butter combo (very similar to the Buffy) but the moisture factor is really the bomb (Yes, I still use that phrase even though it isn’t 2005). One of the reasons I don’t like messing with body lotions on the daily is that they seem to run out real fast. I have dry skin and I can go through a bottle of lotion in just a matter of weeks. But this stuff gets the job done with just one rub down. My favorite thing is when I shave my legs AND moisture them all in a matter of minutes AND all before I’m even out of the shower. Now that’s some time-saving magic.

Lush Body Butter

Lush offers addicting products, so it’s no wonder that I’d recommend all of them. But practically (and financially) speaking, one doesn’t need several versions of one product. However, if you have a birthday coming up, or you got a bunch of tips from your latest shift, or you’re just needing to be frivolous for the sake of retail therapy, then I actually do recommend all three body butters. They each have their place and become really fun to alternate day-to-day. Plus you’ll be stepping up your self-care routine in a totally approachable, time-saving way. And you can’t argue with that!

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