Turban Look

Turban Look

How do you like my turban look? I’m personally obsessed with it. I’ve never owned a turban but wow! Why don’t I wear them all the time? Talk about a fabulous save for bad hair days!Turban Look

Also this jumpsuit is so groovy, no? It’s true 70s vintage and I’m so deeply in love with it. To be honest I thought I’d hate the polyester but once I started wearing it I kind of forgot I was wearing polyester altogether and just gave into those good vibes, baby. Sorry I’ll stop.

I saw a net bag in Harajuku and one in a Friends episode (Phoebe Buffet is a style icon of mine) and decided I wanted one of my own. And when I started searching the World Wide Web for one I came across this sweet piece from the 70s (yet again)!

Lastly the shoes are phenomenal and I heart them. They are brand new, like the velvet turban and are surprisingly easy to wear. I can’t wait to put them with shorts this summer.

Isn’t vintage fun? I know I’ve been super crazy about it lately, but I’ve been bitten by the vintage bug and now I’m sick. Call the doctor! Geez I’m a dork. And I’m so, so sorry.

Anyway, one of my favorite photos in this shoot is the one with the outer space stair paintings. This is at the Perot museum in Dallas and makes my heart beat wildly.

Speaking of space, I am obsessed with anything mid century space themed. There is something about that futuristic, outer space fascination that our society had at the time that gets me. I think I first fell in love with this whole genre when as a kid I watched the film, It Came From Outer Space. As you know, I’m a real sucker for cinema and this film had it all — cheesy special effects, ridiculous costumes, horror, and that delightful sound people speculated existed in space. That film is an American treasure.

Turban LookAnd on that mid century space note, I just recently scored myself some vintage mid century space themed coffee mugs (I’ll have to show y’all some time) and I have basically died and gone to 50s space heaven.

Hmm. I wonder what 50s Space Heaven would be like. I imagine that goofy space sound, plus some futuristic silvery outfits that are to die for (I’m seeing silver one piece jumpsuits and silver fit and flare dresses, both featuring exaggerated piping along the seams), plus a Robbie robot (if you haven’t seen Forbidden Planet please for the love of 50s Space Heaven, go watch it right now) that whips up delicious retro cocktails. Maybe Frank Sinatra is there (he’s sporting the silver jumpsuit outfit) and is belting out Come Fly With Me and we are all dancing and smoking cigarettes (that don’t hurt us or smell bad at all because remember, this is 50s Space HEAVEN) and having a ball.

Turban LookA girl can dream!


Outfit Details:

Red Velvet Turban — Asa Kaftans

-Baby Blue Jumpsuit — Vintage from the 1970s

-Net Bag — Vintage from the 1970s

Gingham Mules — Nine West

For your Musical Enjoyment (And so you can pretend you’re in 50s Space Heaven):

It Came From Outer Space Trailer:

Forbidden Planet Trailer:

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