Lush Easter & Spring 2018

Lush Easter & Spring 2018

Long time no see, my beautiful digital friends! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I injured my foot and had to take several weeks of downtime in order to heal up. And while I still have some residual injury, I’m feeling much better! I’ll be sharing a post soon detailing more on that later, but for now let’s get to the important stuff. The stuff that all life is made of. The very essence of our existence — LUSH.

Lush Easter & Spring 2018

You know I love Lush, like, a bit too much. So, how can I be expected to keep my grubby paws off their seasonal goodies? I mean, I think Josiah is to blame for even allowing me anywhere near a Lush store. What is he thinking?! I have a compulsion! And to make matters worse, their Spring and Easter seasonal products are so freaking adorable, like, did I even stand a chance against them?

Lush Easter & Spring 2018

You money savers out there are probably all balking and thinking to yourselves how silly this weird lace-head-piece-wearing blogger is for being so addicted to bath products, and expensive ones at that. But listen. LISTEN. You guys try taking a bath in one of these bath bombs that smells like actual happiness, joy, and peace, and tell me you don’t get it. Tell me you don’t getting addicted yourselves!

Using Lush products is as if for just a few minutes of your day everything is going to be all right. You know why? Because those smells are wafting into your nose, those bubbles are lapping around your tired bod, and the water surrounding you takes on a magical appearance. I mean c’mon!

Anyway, in this post you’ll find reviews from me on every single one of Lush’s Spring/Easter products. Rather than separating it all out one post at a time like I’ve done in the past, I think this way of doing things will keep things more concise for your reading pleasure.

Lush Easter & Spring 2018

Don’t forget to check my instagram for daily posts of these products in use! And last but not least, I’ve also included a playlist for all the songs I’m using in my Lush vids. Happy Spring!


Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt:

Golden egg bath bomb meltFirst of all, I must warn you that this guy here will leave a trail ofglitter everywhere he goes (to Josiah’s chagrin). But all that glitter is quite lovely when floating around in the bath. This bath bomb melt is precisely what it implies — a hybrid of sorts between the two product types. I thought it was pretty fancy. It felt super moisturizing and it was pretty slow at fizzing (as opposed to a lot of their bath bombs) so it made for a nice prolonged experience. The scent was pretty yet subtle (maybe a bit too subtle for my taste).



Poisson D’Avril Bubble Bar:

poisson d'avril bubble barYAS! I love this thing! The scent is so spring-y, for lack of a better word. There was something a little earthy about it, which made for a wonderful bath. I love getting my money’s worth with bubble bars, but unfortunately their scents tend to be less intense and the bubbles far less if you ration them, so this time I just used the whole thing. It was a truly marvelous bath experience complete with loads of fluffy bubbles and smells so effervescent that I could smell the remnants for hours after.



Here Comes The Sun Naked Shower Cream:

Here comes the sun naked shower creamEh. I mean it isn’t bad by any means (I don’t think I’ve ever had a truly bad Lush experience) but it wasn’t all that memorable. The scent is supposed to be tangerine, but it smelled a little bit more like those orange flavored gummy candies you get in bin candy stores. Not a bad thing! But it just wasn’t up my alley. However, I will say that the naked shower creams in general are pretty great. They are super creamy and really do resemble a shower gel consistency more than a bar of soap. So I’m all about this kind of product, just maybe not this scent.



April Showers Bath Bomb:

april showers bath bomb

Ok, this stuff is the stuff of magic. No joke. I wascompletely and utterly taken with this bath bomb the moment its smells accosted me as Idropped it into the bath. I’m not kidding, this bath bomb filled our house so much so that Josiah started asking me what that glorious smell was. And then to add to its fabulous lasting effects, I too smelled like it for hours later. Josiah could smell it on me when I just walked into the room. Um, I’ll take 20?



Seven Deadly Spins Reusable Bubble Bar:

seven deadly spins reusable bubble barOk this thing is super duper cute. It’s like a fidget spinner but made out of a bubble bar. And instead of crumbling this one into the bath for one bath experience, it’s reusable as the name suggests, allowing you to get several baths out of it. All you do is hold it underneath the running faucet and voila! Bubbles! It has a nice citrusy smell too, and created a neon yellow/orange bath, making it the happiest of all the products hands down.



Which Came First Bath Bomb:

which came first bath bombThis one was really novel and fun with a little chick shaped bath bomb that hides inside the egg until a minute or so into the bath when the egg sort of “hatches” and releases it. Though, let’s be real, since it’s all happening inside the bath and thereby everything is foaming and fizzing constantly, it appears to look more like an egg hatching to release some giant wad of alien goo. But pretty alien goo? I think I’m deterring you from this bath bomb. I don’t mean to! It smells nice and it’s colorful! And let’s be honest, how many baths do you get to watch the miracle of a hatching alien life form?


Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar:

bunch of carrots bubble barThis adorable little bunch of carrots works similarly to the Seven Deadly Spins bubble bar. Instead of crumbling the carrots into the bath you just hold one or multiple under running water. You can also allow the carrots to dry between uses, getting more baths in the future. I thought these were just freakin’ cute. When I bought them I didn’t think much of them, really. But upon pulling the purple carrot free from its compadres and holding it under the water for purple bubbly goodness, I couldn’t stop smiling.



Cream Egg Bubbleroon:

Cream egg bubbleroonWhat I liked about this bubleroon was its unique minty scent. Where everything else was mostly fruity with some floral and earthy notes thrown in, this one diverted from the norm and gave me a pleasant, refreshing surprise. It wasn’t as strong of a smell as I prefer for my Lush baths (I mean let’s be real, these products aren’t the cheapest, so the better it smells the happier I am about spending the money), but I did really enjoy it overall.



Wash Behind Your Ears Shampoo Bar:

wash behind your ears shampoo bar

Ok, I haven’t gotten to talk to you guys about Lush’s solid shampoos yet, but when I first discovered Lush years ago one of my favorite of their products was their solid shampoo. It works so well and their scents are to die for. However, the reason I haven’t talked about them much as of yet is because I had to stop using them. Don’t get me wrong, they work great! But this girl has some

crazy hair. Y’all have no idea. But trust me, ask any of my hair stylists, and they will tell you that my hair needs all the help it can get with it’s thick, wavy, frizzy self. My hair needs the most moisturizing, healing, frizz controlling products out there, and unfortunately these solid shampoos aren’t totally up to the huge task. BUT if you don’t have particularly unruly hair I seriously suggest this stuff. I went ahead and used this shampoo just for kicks (which following with my normal shampoo afterward), and I couldn’t get over how much I missed using them. So seriously, do yourself a favor, and also let me live vicariously through you, ok? Go get you some!


Carrot Soap:

carrot soapYou know what I love about this soap? It doesn’t just look like a carrot, it smells like one too! I mean it’s more subtle and prettier than just a straight up carrot, but the carrot scent that comes through is marvelous. My only complaint about this stuff is that it is running out pretty fast, which is the unfortunate case for most of Lush’s soap bars. However it’s not too pricey so I think it’s worth it. Just make sure to keep it dry between uses to ensure the longest life!



Free Ranger Bath Bomb:

free ranger bath bombWhile this adorable chicken + egg shaped hybrid smelled positively yummy, I think for the first time in my Lush history I was most impressed with the bath color. The green and yellow halves combined to create the most gorgeous deep green hue that resembled freshly cut grass, making me feel like I could have been taking a bath in Spring itself. Mmmm. I’m still dreaming about it.



*These products are all selling out with East upon us, but don’t forget to check in on them again for when they come back in stock! Make sure to check both online and in-stores. Many times if one is sold out the other isn’t.

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