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Dallas, Texas is a funny place. It’s got lovely malls, nicely manicured streets, fairly friendly people and a decently diverse culture. But it also has little walkability (compared to NYC and the like), can have a bit heavier leaning in particular religious and political views, and most obnoxious of all, the weather is ridiculously fickle.

One day might seem promisingly chilly, which a lot of us hope for the Christmas season, and the next can be back to 80 degrees. The allergens are also plentiful, making even beautifully mild days hard to get out in. And the summers? Let’s just say they are horribly hot and last from April through October.

I’ve been born and raised here so let me say these irritations of mine are quite long-lived. In fact every June and every October my husband says he expects my forthcoming complaints.

But Dallas is where I’m at right now. Josiah has a career here, my family is here, and we currently have a lot on our plates personally. Moving to a different part of the country (or world!) at this point isn’t well-timed.

The other day Josiah and I were going for for a walk and I was reflecting how quickly this year has gone by. And this idea really made me think. Life goes by so quickly. Blink and you’ll miss it, you know? Why would I want to waste too much time wishing for something that isn’t, rather than appreciating what currently is?

Maybe one day we will move, but for now I’m going to try to start taking life more day by day. I’m going to attempt to appreciate the little things. Like when the weather gets cool enough for the fire pit 😉

About the outfit:
This corduroy jacket is one of my great loves of winter 2017. It’s so retro, and makes me feel like some kind of rebel youth of the 70s. I love wearing it as the real focal point, which is why I chose some basics (aka nude bodysuit, skinny jeans and Docs) to go with it.
Lastly, in regard to the Dutch braids, have I mentioned how I’m trying to learn braiding? I’ve been trying to practice like a freakin’ fiend. But hey that’s me! I’m as restless a soul as they come. I always need a good, healthy mini obsession to keep my wandering mind sane.

Outfit details

-Corduroy jacket (here) — Noisy May (via Stitch Fix)
-Skinny jeans (here) — AG
-Nude bodysuit (similar option here) — Urban Outfitters
-Boots (here)  — Dr. Martens
-Dutch Braid tutorial (here) — Augustashes

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  1. I understand your desire to move and I understand your choice to live fully where you are now. I’m in that same place. In the last few months, I’ve decided to not hold back on getting involved where I am. If we end up moving, then that is great, but I’m going to try to live here fully as long as I am here.

    1. It is such a hard thing to do when your heart is pulling you elsewhere. I think the older I get the more I learn life doesn’t go according to plan, so I’ve gotta improvise. Here’s to you and your improvisation too! XO

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