Diamond Crushers Iridescent Lip Topper by Limecrime

I’m loving the holographics, rainbows, glitters, neons and metallics that are happening right now. So of course, when I saw this lip color I just had to get it. I was worried that it wouldn’t be as intense in color/application as the example on the website but I was so pleasantly surprised. After 2-ish coats you’ll have a killer lip look that also will not rub off easily. And I mean it . This stuff is pretty well adhered to your lips. So, lay it and slay it, my friend. Yep. It’s the new phrase. Go tell your friends, ok? Lay it and slay it.

Tip: Apply in thin layers allowing product to dry between applications for most pigmented look. Apply on top of other lip products for fun new colors.


  • Pigmentation
  • Cost
  • Fun Factor
The Good

Get lots of bang for your buck as it doesn't require too many applications

Does not come off easily

The Bad

Does not come off easily

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