Film Friday: Black Sunday

Whether it’s the random slow motion moments that send chills up your spine, or the 60s fashion peeking through the period clothing that makes you swoon, Black Sunday is a die hard favorite of mine. It’s got the vintage macabre vibes for which I’m a sucker, and a fabulously epic storyline that makes for a perfect popcorn-munching night in. And to top it all off, the impressively gory special effects really stand out amongst other films of its time. If you’re a fan of old school horror, as I am, this film is right up your alley.

I’ve always loved all things creepy, spooky, dark and eerie. When I was a very small child I was obsessed with vintage Casper cartoons, then when I was a little older it became Casper the movie. Then, old black and white film, The Uninvited, and ET. All of which gave me nightmares, but thrilled me to my core. As I got older I got addicted to the Alfred Hitchcock hour, and then it turned into classic monster movies.

I’ve never stopped looking for that spooky feeling that runs up and down your spine like a skittering bug, or the reaching finger of a spirit from another realm. I sometimes like to think that being born on Halloween fated me to be drawn to the magical and enigmatic.

No matter the reason, I will always adore a good creepy flick. Do you have any favorite creepy films? I love finding new ones!


Image via Black Sunday, directed by Mario Bava

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