In The Nude

I love my mom. She is great. She taught me a lot of things some of which were life changing in the best possible ways. But some things she taught me were…not so great. I’m actually talking about one thing in particular: color.

She seemed to be very hell-bent on making sure I wore the right colors and avoided the wrong ones. According to her some colors might dangerously wash me out, while others could make me shine. It seemed to my young mind to be a complicated system with which I was inevitable going to fail at some point in time.

So, I grew up avoiding many colors, always opting for the ones that were “my colors” and finally one day I got so tired of avoiding one of those tones I was supposed to be avoiding (grey) that I finally just broke down and purchased a sweatshirt in it. I was so happy with myself. And like a gateway drug this grey frock of mine opened up the door to many another color sin I would one day commit.

I use all this dramatic prose (Mom, I hope you’re laughing at this ever dramatic speech of mine!) to laugh at how crazy we can drive ourselves over little rules that society or magazine article writers, or celebrity style gurus create, but that really don’t matter at all.

If I had stuck within these four walls of color rules I would never have discovered the beauty of grey t-shirts, pink hair or nude bodysuits.

Moral of the story? Don’t ever let anyone tell you what is “your” color and what isn’t. Why else does this rainbow of colors exist in the world except for us to enjoy them? Life is short! Live it!

P.S. I was extremely saddened to find, when searching for this “nude” bodysuit, just how few stores and brands carry nudes of all skin colors. Isn’t that what the word “nude” is supposed to imply? That you are wearing something akin to your birthday suit? I’m hoping to see this change drastically and quickly as the colors of the rainbow that is the wide range of human skin tone, is such a beautiful sight and something worth respecting and celebrating. Do you know of any good brands that carry nudes of all colors?


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