Make Me Sexy Back Body Mist by The Face Shop

Yes. This is a peach with a body and little butt cheeks. Leave it to K beauty (Korean beauty) products to feature fun, imaginative characters (this is Apeach from Kakao friends) on their beauty products. Rather than just your average blasé product design THE FACE SHOP does a great job at making their products fun for those of us who are still kids at heart. This brand also values using more natural approaches to skin care which is a win in and of itself.

What this body spray does is act like a toner for all the rest of your skin that isn’t getting the focus that your face does. You know those pesky zits that make home on your back, arms, legs and rear end? This spray is supposed to help kick those suckers to the curb. And with a 360 spray nozzle you won’t have to worry about the angles required to reach said problem areas.

I love the natural cleansing properties of this spray and use it after a bath or shower to prevent breakouts. But more often than not I’m spritzing myself when I’m feeling particularly…glistening and fragrant…and not in a good way. Post gym, long days of errands etc. Just spray this stuff on your bod and you’re ready for a dinner out on the town!

If anything it’s just adorable and makes me giggle every time I pull it out of my bag. Thanks, Korea!

Tip: Use daily after cleansing for best results

  • Effectiveness
  • Cost
  • Fun Factor
The Good

Super easy to use with 360 degree nozzle head

Subtly fresh scent that won't compete with your perfume

Guaranteed to make you snicker every time you use it (Well, at least I do)

The Bad

Not sure how many zits it's helped prevent on my derrière.

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