Wide Leg Jeans

I can’t remember the last time I wore wide leg jeans, but I remember buying my first pair. I was an awkward pre-teen and my mother’s questioning facial expressions while I picked them out when shopping for back to school clothing, made it pretty obvious what she thought of them!

While I personally have always loved the super-sized wide leg jean look, it’s pretty obvious that the subject of jeans is always a very polarizing one. I learned this while styling at Stitch Fix. I could probably count on one hand the number of clients that didn’t have a preference with jeans. It didn’t matter the age or style point of view, each client knew exactly what they liked and exactly what they didn’t when it came to jeans.

And seeing as how jeans sort of set the stage for an entire outfit, I can see why. Yes, sometimes they can take center stage, but most of the time they act as the backdrop — the soundtrack for the movie s- to-speak. They might not always be the first thing you notice in someone’s outfit, but they sure do play a huge role in the overall vibe. Since the 90s are having a moment right now in the world (and in my heart) I couldn’t wait to don these babies. Are you rocking these 90s styles, and if so, how are you breathing new life into this classic denim?


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