I’m Not Over it All

Y’all. I have not worn overalls since I was in grade school.

This was one of those trends that I thought I’d probably never do again. “Been there, done that.” I said. But one day I caught myself vehemently preaching how incredible it is that fashion borrows from other eras, cycling itself over and over but with fresh perspective. And how this is really a beautiful thing, and how cool is it to revisit ideas past and make them new again, and…omg. I was being a hypocrite. I had just sworn to myself to never revisit the overalls because they were a long gone part of my past.

So I decided it was time to buy some again and give them new life. Note that these aren’t layered over a floral print knit top and that I’m wearing a ball cap instead of a giant bow atop my head, as was the way my mother used to dress me in my youth.

I love these overalls. They are so comfy and gosh darn it, they are freaking cute too.

Lesson learned: never say never when it comes to fashion!

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