Matcha Mint DIY Detox Mask by Honey Belle

When I think of my discussion with owner and creator of the skin care line, Honey Belle, the first word that comes to mind is passion. Iris is full to the brim with it. You can’t talk to her about her products without hearing about why she even created them in the first place, and why she’s not going to stop.

According to the adorable business maven, in the beginning these products were just for her. She had been diagnosed with psoriasis in college and without the money to spend on good quality skin care she decided to make some herself. Before she knew it she was helping others and this amazing brand was born.

I was so taken with the shockingly short list of ingredients and rich scents that seemed infused into each one of her products, that I decided I had to try them out. And wouldn’t you know that her DIY Detox Mask has become a new staple in my skin care routine.

Since being diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis myself I’ve been on the hunt for cleaner skin care that doesn’t break the bank, but can also hang in there with the rest of skin care lines as far as effectiveness goes. This mask does all that and then some, while also working in as little as 5 minutes. It is especially great for a deep clean, so whenever breakouts show up on my face I reach for this stuff de pronto.

If you’re a fan of indie brands and clean skin care, this stuff just might become your new favorite too.

  • Effectiveness
  • Cost
  • Fun Factor
  • Clean
The Good

Works fast

Great deep cleaning for clogged pores

Smells good

100% clean ingredients

The Bad

If left on too long (past what is recommended on package) you might get a little matcha residue on your face that you'll have to work harder at getting off. Just follow the directions!

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