Meshy Stuff

This trend has been meshing me up.

Haha. Get it? …Ok I never said I was good at jokes.


But for real this mesh clothing trend is another one of those trends that has caused me to exclaim in beholding it, “what a fun time to be alive!”

It’s just so fun, so unique and makes me feel like I’m channeling my inner 80s hair band diva.

I fell for this dress in particular because I loved its subtly. In just the right lighting it can look solid, but a movement in the fabric brings out its sheer nature as a sexy surprise.

I think I’ll try it with shorts or just the bodysuit next. But layering it over skinny jeans brings back memories from my college days. For some reason, wearing dresses over jeans was a big deal back then, and much to the chagrin of my J.Crew-loving roommate, I rocked that look as often as I could.

Which reminds, it doesn’t do well to shun old trends coming back to life. Fashion is always rotating, moving and blending. Like a good citizen it recycles its heart out, bringing back old trends every chunk of years passed.

If you tell yourself you won’t wear those ugly shoes, or ridiculous jeans from your youth, one day you’ll find yourself feeling disgruntled because you’re left out of the current fashion flow. So practice saying this with me: “If I loved it then, I can love it again.”

But back to this dress. It really is fabulous isn’t it???


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