Of all the hot trends going on this year I have to admit that the cold shoulder/off-the-shoulder looks aren’t my favorite. The simple fact that this style seems to look good on every human will most likely alienate me in my opinion, but that’s the beauty of style and fashion right?

Beauty, art, fashion. It’s all subjective. All in the eye of the beholder. Which is a marvelous thing. It keeps things interesting, makes the world go ’round, having so many differing perspectives.

While these specific styles aren’t my favorite, I can’t say that off-the-shoulder looks are entirely off my radar. Nope. There is one with which I’m quite obsessed:

This letting your button up shirt fall off like you clumsily got dressed in a wild hurry while running out of your boyfriend’s apartment so you don’t miss the A train. Or the slipping off of your jacket halfway like you’re a Josie Packard type in the throws of seducing your latest adoring bloke. These styles are so trés chic to me. And I can’t get enough.

I threw in a Japanese street style twist with this outfit by adding the quirky sneakers and the Obey button down that nods to the 90s. As you may know at this point, if I can throw in a Japanese twist to anything, believe you me, I will.

Full disclosure: I’m trying to seduce my camera man in this one 😉 Thanks, off-the-shoulder trend!

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