Rebel Rebel

I was raised with the mentality that rules should never be broken, that sowing your wild oats can ruin your life, and that what others think of you really does matter. Those life lessons taught to us when young have a sticky quality that makes them particularly hard to kick to the curb.

If you ask anyone who knows me you’ll hear I’m not too commonly known for my spontaneous and flexible manner. I’m more tightly wound at times, more immovable and cautious.

The thing that has made me saddest about these qualities is that they don’t really represent my deepest heart. Deep down I’m more naturally wired for a free-spirited life full of adventure.

Perhaps this is why I’m so inspired by and drawn to the likes of David Bowie. He marched to the beat of his own drum without a care in the world as to what others might think. Bowie lived. He loved. He ruffled many a feather, and I wonder if he found himself freer of personal regret toward the end than I find myself now.

The silver lining is I’m young, but I still can’t help but feel a large part of my life was stolen from me by fear and dogma.

Face your demons, battle the hell out of them for as long as you must, even if it be until your dying breath. For you and I are never too old to change our thinking, and therefore our lives.

This rock and roll outfit is an ode to my muse, the late and great Bowie. Thanks to him for awakening my inner free-spirit and for giving me courage to be myself no matter what others think. I hope to one day be able to say I truly lived and loved, wild and free, with few regrets left when my time comes.


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