Snow Cream Moisturizer by Symphony

Things that don’t feel or taste like you expect them to:

Those fuzzy cactus (cacti?)

Heavy whipping cream (I blame Aristocats for my inaccurate expectations)

Turkish delight (I blame the British version of Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe)


But some super smart people out there (aka Symphony Beauty) decided to give us a version of the last one on that list that won’t give your hands or face hypothermia.

Snow Cream Moisturizer feels like I imagine snow should feel — soft, pillowy, and refreshingly cool. It feels like they consulted some sort of wizard of power to attain this texture. Perhaps it was dark magic that created it. It if was, I don’t care. Just give it to me.

While it can be used for any part of the body, I use it on my face for a refreshing moisturizer that does double duty as a skin brightener. Or, when I’m feeling like I might shrivel up and die from the heatwaves that plague during the summertime (which is common for those whom live in my neck of the woods), this cream gives me some relief.

And finally, at $20 for a good sized container, it’s not out of reach. Our snow dreams can finally come true!

Now all they need to do is create an edible version… yummmmm.

  • Effectiveness
  • Cost
  • Fun Factor
The Good

Fun, playful, refreshing and a pretty decent moisturizer

The Bad

Nothing too ground-breaking as far as noticeable difference in skin

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