Dream Shopping: 90s + Old Hollywood

There was certain style that took place in the 90s that reminds me of old Hollywood. The big, Cindy Crawford swooping hair, the tiny eyebrows of Drew Barrymore, the red lips of Gwen Stefani, not to mention the feminine fabrics of satin and velvet. There was a softness and sensuality to these styles that were so reminiscent of the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth. Or maybe that’s just my take on it. However it can be categorized, I was inspired to create a look a la old hollywood through the channel of 90s style. Though seemingly simplistic, this style allows the feminine form more attention, while the clothing takes a side-step. I love this look so much I might have to go out and get me some of these pieces when I get another paycheck in! Speaking of, you can find these items below to shop them!

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