MEGATOX Lift Shot Ampule Mask by TONYMOLY

I’m a huge TONYMOLY fan. Their products are not only adorable and imaginative, but actually really great quality as well.

While I can’t say that this mask didn’t work (it’s for anti-aging. How does anyone know if any anti-aging products are working? I mean at least until years later?), I can’t say that it wowed me either.

I mean I am not sure exactly what I was expecting. It is a sheet mask and was in no way a bad sheet mask I guess, but there was just something sort of….I don’t know…so-so about it.

Maybe I’m off my rocker. I probably am. But in the end, I just won’t be dying to buy another one.

The packaging is cute (as can be expected with this brand). But I probably won’t be come a die-hard fan of this particular mask from here on out.

For those of you who have tried it, what do you think?

  • Cute Factor
  • Effectiveness (?)
  • Affordability
The Good


Isn't too pricey

The Bad

Nothing special

  1. JESS! It’s Casey DeKrey….Matt’s wife. We need to go to the Korean shoppping district at Old Denton and Hebron together. There’s a Tony Moly store, Face Shop, Missha, and amazing other stores. You’d die. I go there all the time!

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