Good Fashion = Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Ok, so while I’m all about wearing what you totally love and focusing on self expression through your own personal fashion, there is a space for broadening your horizons.

The first time I saw this shirt I though it was downright ugly. I hated the patchwork floral prints, and the weird color combos. But I was urged to try it on, and as soon as I did my perspective changed. I loved how it fit, how it felt, and suddenly I was really digging the patchwork style.

This experience served as an excellent reminder to myself that getting outside my comfort zone is so healthy for me, mentally, emotionally, physically and creatively.

Ever wonder how old people get so stuck in their ways? This is how. By sticking so stubbornly to what they think they like or don’t like, they unknowingly put themselves into a box. There are a whole host of scientific studies out there on the importance of stretching yourself and getting out of routine. And I think that can apply to multiple areas of your life, including fashion.

So if you want to avoid an inevitable creative and fashion rut, try on things that you might initially dislike on the rack. Sometimes all it takes is putting it on to see the possibilities.

Plus you just might find a new favorite shirt like I did with this one 🙂

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