Be Who You Want to Be

I have always admired a tough, badass woman. From Mulan, to Buffy, to Beatrix Kiddo, they all have inspired me so.

“I wish I were like her,” I’d think. For, I’ve always wanted to be brave, fearsome, tough and bold.

I find it so interesting how we convince ourselves so often that we are permanently the same person that originally came out of the womb. It’s as if we think we are stuck in some prison of fate, while we look at others envying their traits, all the while not realizing we too can attain them ourselves.

If life ends up being the result of a series of choices we make in response to the things that happen to us, then why can’t we choose to be strong, good, loving, brave, bold?

I will say I think it important to learn how to love your natural tendencies and gifts, but not without understanding you can mold your mind and heart as well.

So, I’m on a journey to become braver. I’m on a journey to become more lovingly fierce. And I’m a journey to becoming more badass.

Believe in yourself, my friends. For we are what we think, we become what we believe ourselves to be.

What are you on a journey to becoming?

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