Film Friday: Lured

So far I’ve been sharing with you guys mostly films that although extremely enjoyable, provide a depth of perception or artistic expression that deserve many accolades. But, do you know what also deserves accolades? A good all-round movie that is just downright fun to watch.

Douglas Sirk’s Lured (a remake of the 1939 French film Pieges by Robert Siodmak) is a 1947 whodunit, featuring the likes of Lucille Ball and Boris Karloff.

Lucille Ball, being one of my childhood heroes, was a popular name in my house as her show, I Love Lucy, captured my and my mother’s hearts. We cry-laughed at that show, even when we were watching a particular episode for the 30th time.

So, it stands to reason, that watching Lucy in a totally different role was anything less than magical.

This family friendly film noir meets romance and comedy, is such a keeper, I plan on watching it again and again (sort of like those I Love Lucy episodes).

If you’re a die-hard fan of black and white murder mysteries (aka an Alfred Hitchcock forever fan) I think you’ll find this to be a real cinematic treasure.

Image via Lured (1947) directed by Douglas Sirk.

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