Film Friday: Mulholland Drive

Twin Peaks was my first introduction to David Lynch. I had no idea what wild, beautiful and mysterious ride I was in for, and I was for sure never going to look back.

I’m so glad too that I started with Twin Peaks, because I found it to be one of the best introductions to Lynch’s special kind of storytelling. The surrealism he is known for in his art is so amazingly exemplified in the show, while remaining fairly approachable.

So when I finally sat down to watch the famed Mulholland Drive, I was perfectly primed. The strangeness didn’t throw me, the confusing twists and turns didn’t cause me to question. Instead I felt so trusting of wherever it was he was taking me, the audience. It’s like in a dream. You just trust the dream when you’re in it, despite its off-the-wall turns of reality.

I don’t want to give much away in regards to Mulholland Drive, as my opinion of it is that it is truly beautiful and haunting storytelling, but if you haven’t experienced any of David Lynch’s works thus far, I recommend starting with Twin Peaks, or simply allowing yourself to watch his films as though you are in that dream state. Don’t question too much, don’t get hung up on every detail. Calm your mind and float along the story the way I believe he meant his audience to do. And

If you are a David Lynch fan already, what was your first introduction to him and what is your favorite thing about his art?


Image via Mulholland Drive, directed by David Lynch.

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