Last Week in Harajuku: Denim Trends

Something I love about trends is that they keep us on our toes. Where some see the relentless consumerism that plagues our society, I guess I just choose to see how things are always moving, changing. I love change, and I think one of the reasons I do is to keep from feeling sad about life going at a too fast pace. Instead I get excited and fascinated by the little waves of trends that happen, particularly in the fashion world.

That is probably why I love these girls in Harajuku, photographed any the fabulous Tokyo Fashion peeps, so much. With denim everything still on the rise, I love these gals’ nod to the trend with the corset and shoes.

For a shippable look inpsired by Kaori and Kinue’s fashion, check out the pieces below. And also give Tokyo Fashion a peek. They really are magnifique!


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