Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved spooky things. When I was a toddler my favorite cartoon was the 1948 Casper The Friendly Ghost cartoon. I would beg and beg for “Taffer” until my mom popped the VHS tape back into the VCR.

A few years after that my grandfather introduced me to the film The Uninvited, a mystery about an old haunted house by the sea and the ghosts that resided there.

This movie captivated me and yet scared me all at once. It was this funny back and forth of me watching the film and then spending the night eyes wide awake, ears pricked to any noise that seemed preternatural. I then would awaken the next day exhausted, and yet go back at it again later that day, starting the whole cycle over with another viewing of the film.

This outfit/costume hybrid is my ode to the ghost-loving days of my childhood. The Chanel Mary Janes were a gift from a dearly loved one (I’ve never owned designer before!), the dress a Free People purchase.

You know, no matter how old I get, I’ll always love Casper and The Uninvited, as well as my many other spooky affinities.

What are your favorite childhood whimsies that captivated you so?

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