Bewitched Bath Bomb by Lush

You know your sister loves you when she gets you some Halloween Lush products for your birthday. She scored some extra points this year. I mean look at this bath bomb!

In my opinion Lush always knocks it out of the park for holidays. The creativity and fun that is put into these special addition products is marvelous. I wish every beauty and skincare company did the same.

If you are a regular Lush patron, you know that their scents are one of the best parts about them. Well, this “Bewitched” bath bomb doesn’t disappoint. The berry smell is heavenly, but my favorite addition to this particular recipe? Frankincense oil.

If you haven’t tried yourself a Lush product, start with their bath bombs. They’re sure to meet and exceed your bath expectations 😉

  • Cute Factor
  • Effectiveness
  • Affordability
The Good

Smells incredible

Makes for a fun and luxurious bath experience

Perfect treat for the Halloween season

The Bad

A little pricey for one time use

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