Hello, ghouls and gals! It’s my favorite day of the year! And in order to fully wrap up my Halloween outfit series, I give you my final costume: the zombie.

Now, I’ve dressed as a zombie a few times in the past for Halloween (as its one of my all-time favorite monsters). I’ve been a little girl zombie complete with pigtails and a teddy bear, and I’ve been a super gory zombie sporting all kinds of fake blood and special effect makeup.

But this is my first more subtle take going with a more chic getup. I was inspired by the classic zombie cheerleader character, so I chose sneakers and the pleated shirt. But the leatherette skirt makes it more edgy and the trendy laced top keeps it more of the moment.

For my makeup I just used eyeshadows that I already had and followed the basic bone structure of my face to create a more sickly look.

Really, some of my favorite Halloween costumes have been ones I’ve thrown together last minute. They have been a lot like this one — formed from digging through my closet and makeup drawers to piece together something from spooky dreams rather than every day.

But there is something about this process that always gets me. It’s the simple fact that our every day could be filled with more creativity and whimsy. Why not allow ourselves to play more with dressing up, rather than take ourselves and this life too seriously?

I came across a teenager the other day. Every bit of her effort was being put towards coming off cool, acting as though she didn’t care about anything. It hurt my heart to see someone just starting to come out of childhood and already being such a far cry from the more innocent, carefree days, where caring a great deal about things was what made you cool. Where being cool wasn’t even in the vocabulary and having fun was the main theme.

Perhaps we all should loosen up a bit and let ourselves borrow from childhood more often. And I hope today gets us in that childlike spirit.

Allow yourself to care to have fun today 🙂

Happy Halloween!

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