New Hair, Totally Care

Let me say that my hair is one of those things that I need to look good in order for me to feel good. You know how some people say all they need is some lipstick, or maybe it’s a coat of mascara, or perhaps it’s freshly manicured nails? For me it’s a fresh blowout and dye job, and I feel I can conquer the world. Forget makeup and heck, I’ll just wear a t-shirt and jeans. As long as my hair is good I am too.


This icy blonde is my hair dreams becoming reality. Though I’ve adored having pink hair, I’ve been needing a change of pace. And the single color I was really wanting more than anything was a cool, icy platinum blonde. But as much as I wanted it I felt my hair would never be able to lighten up that much (My natural color is freaking dark).

Enter my old childhood friend Blake Brister at Hair Revival Studio in Dallas, TX.  I accidentally run into him and had no idea he was doing hair now and is freaking killer good. He tells me he thinks the platinum color I’m aching for should work, but I have my doubts.

Why was I so worried?

Blake is a master, a genius. I could not be happier with this color. I am beyond obsessed. And with finally saying goodbye to my beloved pink hair, this gorgeous new color made it a way easier transition.

Bottom line, if you live in or are visiting Dallas you should definitely hit Blake and his talented homies at Hair Revival Studio up. I mean look at this hair!

And now a eulogy to my pink hair:

Dear pink hair, I’ll miss you. You made me super duper happy. You made me lose a little bit more of my fear of being accepted by people, and helped me gain a little more confidence in acceptance of myself. You made every day feel like a party — how could I not smile seeing your crazy bright self staring back at me in the mirror. Thanks for keeping it real. You are so extra.

Love, a new platinum-haired me.

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