Vanpir Dark Repair Cream by LadyKin

Whenever Halloween season hits I go all out Halloween everything. Normal hand soap? Nope. Give me the green colored stuff that is named something like “Poison Apple.”
My Spotify playlist? Chalk full of Halloween party music and Danny Elfman albums.

And of course, if I can get my hands on some sort of Halloween face cream you can bet I will.

The K-beauty brand LadyKin’s Vanpir Dark Repair Cream is a fabulous little moisturizer that doesn’t just look cute. As a gal with some fairly dry patches of skin, this cream does a great job of quenching my thirsty epidermis while also being sensitive.

It also boasts healing fine lines and wrinkles, encouraging cellular regeneration and the coolest part, a special ingredient called dragon’s blood resin which is said to improve skin elasticity.

Finally, a little goes a long way, so you really do get your money’s worth.

Do you have any favorite Halloween beauty products? Share below!

  • Cute Factor
  • Effectiveness
  • Affordability
The Good

Rich quality

High moisture

Lasts a long time

The Bad

Not as easily accessible as it is only sold in a few online stores

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