Dear Me, Let’s Be Less Stressed, K?

It’s that time of year again! That wonderful, magical, glorious…stressful…time of year.

I love the holidays like a lot of people, but man can they get me all kinds of stressed. Whether it’s the busyness, social demands, financial demands, etc. And I think a lot of people out there can relate.

Every year I try to make it less so, but maybe some of it is just inevitable? Then again, maybe not.

On top of being more grateful and more giving this time of year (which I think we can all agree are the top stress reducers), I’m trying to achieve a less stressful holiday season with the following:

-Not putting the pressure on myself to cook every dinner. Frozen meals are a gift of the gods. I will appreciate them this time of year.

-Not having to buy the perfect gift for everyone on my list. I love the kindness of any gift that I receive from others, so I’m going to try to assume they feel the same way.

-Being ok with not looking über cute all season long. Like, I know our fave magazines and publications are pushing party – perfect makeup, hair and clothes, but sometimes it’s great to do a gift exchange in jeans and a sweatshirt. Who cares what we look like as long as we are all together, right?

-Not beating myself up for the increase in unhealthy eating this time of year. Life is short. That cookie or slice of pie or Christmas ham aren’t going to kill me. But stress over eating those things just might!

-Living in the moment rather than following the tradition checklist. I have for years told myself that it wouldn’t feel like the holidays if I didn’t partake in certain yearly traditions. But the few times things have gone awry and we’ve had to improvise have been some of my favorites. So this year I’m going to try enjoying the holidays more by just soaking up each moment with those I love.

-Not comparing this year to others. I think sometimes we expect to see ourselves in such different places with each passing year, and that certain dates serve as our references to compare ourselves in regards to how we think we are doing in life. This kind of thinking has caused more pain and anxiety usually than it has happiness or hope. Why? Because life has just not gone the way I’ve planned. But hey. That’s the nature of life. I’m going to just appreciate where I’m at today and stop with the striving to look so much more successful with each passing year.

-Stay consistent with being active. I don’t have to stick to any sort of workout plan. But a walk here or stretching there (even if it’s just while I’m watching TV) really does help keep my stress levels in check. So that is a worthy use of time!

That’s my working list for now. How about you? Got any ways you’re going to try to reduce stress this season?

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