Film Friday: A Man Called Ove

I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to be drawn to darker stories. I love the angst, the complicated characters, and even further, I love a good thrill etc. But despite my obsession with these story elements, there is nothing like a big-heart, positive story to bolster the heart, comfort the soul and remind one of hope.

A Man Called Ove offers all this and then some. It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s deep and yet doesn’t get lost in those depths, but manages to pull up back into the sunlight.

This Swedish film (based on the book of the same name written by Fredrik Backman) about a grumpy and depressed widower who finds himself being pulled into the goings on of his neighbors, was not surprisingly fabulously received by critics and viewers alike. Rolf Lassgård who stars as cantankerous Ove is absolutely outstanding, you just can’t help but be drawn into his character immediately.

This one is safe for the family and will for sure be a touching option for this holiday weekend’s movie pick! As always, let me know what y’all think!

  1. I just watched this movie! It was so good! I almost cried—and you know what a big deal that is for me! Thank you for the recommendation!! 😊💖

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