Film Friday: Peeping Tom

Ok, look. I know I have been doing a couple months worth of horror and thriller films. My goal was to lay off for a while. But then I saw Peeping Tom and could not wait to tell you guys about it.

I’m a big true crime fan, and lately I’ve been a little fixated on understanding the deeper reasons why and how crazies become crazy in the first place. It’s a dark subject but one I believe in since I am a huge believer in always understanding, always getting ahold of the truth, now matter how deep you have to dig. It helps us actually be able to do something about this crazy world. It helps us have more compassion towards ourselves and others. It helps us maintain a true grasp on reality.

Unlike a lot of other murder thrillers out there, this one took the complicated route of telling the murderer’s own story. And set against the hypnotic backdrop of the 1960s, it makes for an extra special experience.

This story was creepy, thrilling and tragic all at once. You found yourself simultaneously screaming at potential victims to run the other way from the murderer, and wishing they would give him a big hug, get him help.

While I don’t take the actual subject of true crime lightly, these movies give us a chance to consider sides to the subject from a safer distance — to open our minds to realities that just might play a part in truly complicated horrors in real life.

And finally, though I’m focusing mainly on the deeper side of things, realize you will get a fun Friday night film watching out of it just the same. It’s just a great watch all around.

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