Grateful and Ungrateful Times Alike

Yes. It’s thanksgiving week and I’m doing the cliche “feeling grateful” post. But I️ guess the truth is I️ really am. I’ve got loving cousins, incredible siblings, supportive aunts, a BFF husband, affectionate parents, faithful friends, the best dogs in the world, and you my readers! How can I️ not feel grateful?

This year has been a tough one for me. Something about which I️ will divulge further soon. But for now I’ll just say that being grateful and living in the moment has been a real challenge.

My hubby: This pic looks…..squinty
Me: Yeah. But I like it anyway 🙂

It’s difficult when your day-to-day is so overwhelmed with issues that you can’t overlook. You get beat down, bogged down, and run down. And the last thing you feel like being is optimistic.

But I️ think I’m learning that that’s ok too. You can have all kinds of feelings about a situation — they can all exist and hold space at once.

I️ don’t know details about any of your lives. But I️ want to say to you, if you’re going through some tough stuff, you aren’t alone. And sometimes feeling crappy and letting that be what it is, is completely exactly what is called for at the time. It doesn’t have to mean you’re a negative person, or that you’re giving up, or that you won’t ever be happy again. It’s just a moment. A moment that will come and go. But that won’t have to be a constant forever. You can have happy times too. And those moments don’t erase the crappy realities either, or make them ok.

All those feelings are all right. You’re completely normal experiencing them. And I’m not saying these things as someone who’s gotten past all this, but as someone who is in the thick of it all.

Therefore, when I️ say I’m feeling grateful, it’s not because I’m being obnoxiously optimistic, or totally fake. I️ don’t have a perfect life either. I’m battling my own demons at present.

But I️ can feel grateful too for what I️ do have. And I️ am, grateful that is.

Especially for you. If you’re reading this, just know I’m so so so grateful for you joining me on these adventures. You’re a treasure to my soul. Thanks for holding space for me, and I️ hope I️ can be the same for you.

Happy Thanksgiving week, internet friends!

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