Pumpkin Spice Latte Deodorant by Native

Yes, you read that right. Deodorant that smells like pumpkin spice latte. Does that gross you out? Well, whether you are a fan of toiletries that smell like food (even ones that go on your armpits) or not, I think you’ll see why I chose this as one of my favorite pumpkin products to share.

The good people of Native are about taking care of you. And not just your stinky pits, but your overall health too. Which is why their deodorants are so clean and chemical free.

The deodorant came shipped with this adorable little card mimicking a to-go coffee cup. How cute is that?!

I’ve tried my fair share of all natural deodorants, and let me tell you, few work as well as this one. And with the gorgeous fall scent it’s hard to beat.

Now a little heads up: you will not, I repeat, will not smell like you just took a bath in a giant vat of pumpkin spice latte. The smell hits your nose upon application, but remains pretty much undetected so that you can carry on with whatever perfume you’re rocking these days.

I genuinely don’t have anything bad to say about this products, and no I’m not being paid to talk about it. I just like it a whole dang lot!

  • Cute Factor
  • Effectiveness
  • Scent
  • Affordability
The Good

Works amazingly as an all natural deodorant

Smells delish!

Really affordable for this kind of product

The Bad

I could only find it for sale online

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