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Cooking with the Pioneer Woman

I’m going to cook and bake my way through all of the Pioneer Woman’s cookbooks. Yes, you heard me right. It won’t have any time constraints (because thinking about that makes me pre-tired) and it won’t turn this entire blog into a cooking blog (I’m no home chef!). But it’s something I really want to do, so I’m going to do it and share it here.

I’ve been really scared to share this post with you guys. Not because it’s super deep stuff that leaves me vulnerable, and not because it’s controversial or anything.

But simply because I’m afraid you won’t like it. I’m afraid it won’t make sense to y’all why I’m writing about it at all. I’m afraid somehow it’ll make me seem convoluted and that it will bore you guys.

But when I started this blog I promised myself one thing: that I would be stay true to myself.

And since I haven’t been able to get this little mini, hobby, passion project of mine out of my head I’m going to share it on the blog anyway. Even though I’m still scared it’ll be a flop.

But hey that’s what a lot of life is like, right? It’s the reason people don’t wear the fashions they dream about, it’s the reason people only sing in the shower, it’s the reason people don’t apply for jobs they really want, and it’s the reason I have backed down from many an aspiration.

We are all afraid of rejection. And we are all afraid of people thinking ill of us.

But I already have so many regrets in this department. Of me saying no to myself and me hiding myself because I’m so afraid of that judgement. I don’t want to keep doing that endlessly. And if I can express myself anywhere honestly it should be on my own blog.

So here it is: I love baking and cooking. Ever since a really nasty breakup in my early twenties where nothing helped heal my heart but baking an obscene amount of pies and cookies, I’ve loved making food as a sort of catharsis. It’s like I can tune out the world and do something that actually makes sense (when life doesn’t seem to). All I have to do is follow a recipe and just like magic, the result is this tasty mini masterpiece that I managed to make with my own two hands.

So that’s why I’m cooking my way through Ree Drummond’s cookbooks. I need that little bit of catharsis back in my life these days. And setting a goal of making all her book’s recipes just sounds good.

But why Ree Drummond, why the Pioneer Woman? Because for years she has served as my number one blogging hero. Here she was a city girl now living a country life and she decided to make something of it. She decided to put herself out there and not apologize for any of it. Even when she was silly or goofy or her kitchen was messy. She was herself through and through.

Cooking with the pioneer woman

Thus she serve as my inspiration for doing the same. This blog won’t remain a passion of mine if I try to fit my quirky personality into a neat little square mold that makes sense to this world. I have to keep being me. And I’m a quirky, restless soul who loves fashion, cinema, beauty, Harajuku, baking/cooking, David Bowie, Halloween, travel, and the list could go on.

If my blog seems too mis-matched for you, I understand. But it’s just a representation of who I am. So, love me or leave me folks!

And last, If you’re trying to make space for your own little weird passions, you belong here. Oh yes you do.

Whether you bake, garden, paint, play World of Warcraft, or whatever, I hope you allow yourself to do so with no qualms, my friends. Remember, life is for the living! Enjoy yourself! Be loving, be kind! Do what you’re passionate about! And be true to yourself!And do what you love!

Love to you,


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