Film Friday: Christmas in Connecticut

Before there was clumsy Cameron Diaz, sassy Reese Witherspoon, adorable Julia Roberts or stubborn Kate Hudson there were the likes of lovely leading ladies who could do all this and then some with zero to no effort on the silver screen.

Take Barbara Stanwyck in Christmas in Connecticut, playing a food writer who pretends to be the perfect house wife, but in reality has no cooking skills or husband and family to speak of. When her job is threatened by the truth coming out she agrees to host her boss and a handsome naval seaman for Christmas at a borrowed farm in Connecticut in an attempt to keep up the ruse.

Though I don’t love this film’s exquisite artistry, its hypnotic score, or captivating dialogue (In fact, I don’t personally believe this flick stands out in any of those departments). I do love that is basically a grandmother to the chick flicks we know today.

Not only does it have all the elements of the classic and well-loved rom-com, but it also is such a fascinating snap shot of its 1945 era (its release date being only one month before the end of World War II).

If you are a sucker for cheesy romantic comedies that will give you a little picture of the 1940s life in American as well as some good ol’ holiday spirit I think you’ll find this flick to be as fun as I did.


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