Film Friday: Fargo (TV Show)

While I know this isn’t a movie per se, I believe television can also be an incredible vehicle for cinematic art. And Fargo the TV show has accomplished nothing less than real artistry.

I know the holidays can be crazy, but for those slumps of time that you maybe have kick back and relax, and for the coming days of endless snowfall (Not so in Dallas. I’m jealous of those for whom this is the case), binge watching all 3 seasons will be completely worth your while.

The first season, based on the same storyline as the movie of the same name, is fabulous, but the second season really took my breath away. I’m about to finish the third season but I’ll just say it’s perfect for this time of year. It’s got the snowy scenery going for it (as do the first two seasons), as well as some holiday vibes thrown in there. And it’s also got some general dark, murderous themes that those of us who love a good dose of dark will appreciate. Happy holidays, my cinephile friends. I hope you enjoy this epic TV series! Let me know what you think!


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